PHP Picasa Video Uploader Script (bypass maximum size limitation)

As you know, like other products, Google Picasaweb also have API to access your data in picasaweb. You can use this API for uploading photo, video to your picasa account. However Google limits 100MB for video size. You can’t upload a video larger than 100MB.

You can see it here:

Of course, i write this post to inform that i already have a script that can bypass the limitation. It can remote upload a video larger than 100MB, even larger than 1GB to Picasaweb and returns some links as direct, feed, alternate, etc..

You can check it here:

(This time, demo link may not work as well, because i’m lazy remove videos that people have uploaded to the test account – a free account with 15GB data. But if you’re interesting, contact me, this script still works)

I stopped selling this script (it still works but don’t want to sell it more)

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  1. Hi.
    I need this script. I already sent email to you. Please reply.


  2. giá nó bao nhiêu vậy bạn

  3. Anh Chip cho em hỏi code này dùng để làm gì thế ?, Có phải upload video lên host của mình rồi host nó tự đưa qua picasa ko ? Nó có khác gì với upload trực tiếp lên picasa ko ?

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