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PHP Picasa Video Uploader Script (bypass maximum size limitation)

As you know, like other products, Google Picasaweb also have API to access your data in picasaweb. You can use this API for uploading photo, video to your picasa account. However Google limits 100MB for video size. You can’t upload a video larger than 100MB. You can see it here: Of course, i write […]

[ChipVN] Remote Image Uploader 5.2.21 (tools)

This tool is used for remote uploading images from your computer, URL to Picasa, Flickr, Imgur, Postimage, Imageshack. Features Remote upload images from your computer, URL. Watermark, resize options Queue upload, transload Use HTML5 for uploading. and more… Requirements PHP 5+ Socket or cURL enabled HTML5 Installation Upload this code to your hosting, configure your […]

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